phi (totient) wrote,

a disturbing pattern

So a couple of weeks ago I joined a gym with some coworkers. It's been easier to find the inspiration to go work out when I can work out with friends, and it helps me avoid feeling outclassed (though at this particular gym that's not really a problem). I've been going three times a week, and along with the details of my workout I've been keeping track of my weight on one of the workout sheets they provide. At first it seemed to be bouncing around at random. But yesterday I found the fit to the data. There is a slow long-term downward trend, perhaps half a pound a week. Superimposed on this is a cyclical pattern: I am at my lightest on Mondays, gain 2 to 2.5 pounds by Friday, and lose it again over the weekend.

It's time to get some healthier snacks at work.
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