phi (totient) wrote,


So miss_chance got us some more of those free movie tickets. This time the movie was Camp, and again I'd seen previews for at it the Kendall. Those previews didn't lead me to expect anything spectacular, and I wasn't disappointed.

You know the scene at the end of every feel-good musical where the boy gets the girl and they're serenaded by the improbably famous musician and everyone is dancing on the tables and all suspension of disbelief goes completely out the window? This whole movie is like that. Camp (as a category) has lost its edge; without the lemons, the lemonade is just sugar syrup. But it's fun and fluffy and there are some side plots with a bit of substance.

I could further describe what this movie was, but more interesting is what it wasn't: an anthem. I'm not sure what would have made it one. Can a movie still be an anthem for freaky alienated youth? Are we past that now? Or is the problem that unpopular freaks are still too much, somehow, for Hollywood?
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