phi (totient) wrote,


On our way home from an extended weekend of camping in Nova Scotia, miss_chance and I took the Cat to Bar Harbor so that she could meet with a potential customer. After clearing Customs, checking into our motel on Main Street, and taking the first of two lovely showers, we headed across the street and found a gem of a restaurant. Perfect Mojitos, the leanest and tastiest duck I've ever had, and simply amazing swordfish. Too much swordfish suffers from being cut wrong, but the chef had a sushi master's understanding of how most succulently to orient the grain. A light grilling and a sauce just strong enough to stand up to the flavor of the fish made a wonderful combination. The scallops were very good for scallops in the US but as we had just come from Digby they had a very hard act to follow. The only real disappointment was that they were out of the tuna.

Not cheap, but then little in Bar Harbor is.

318 Main St
Bar Harbor, ME 04609
daily: 1730-2200
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