phi (totient) wrote,

a pleasant surprise

On my way out the door this morning, I found a UPS delivery notice from the night before which I'd managed not to notice on the way in. Oh great, I thought to myself, I've heard all kinds of bad things about UPS, now they'll come by again and I won't be there then and I'll have to wait on hold forever to get them not to send it back to New York, and I don't have the tracking number, and I'll have to drive out to Watertown to pick it up, and I won't get the thing until probably Saturday, and on and on.


The delivery notice had a number on the bottom which, when typed into their web site, gives you ultimate power over the package, including the ability to redirect it to a new address. Wow! Now I'll have a toy to play with when I get to work tomorrow, and no one will have to sit around uselessly or go anywhere that they weren't going to anyway.
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