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For all that we enjoy music, ours is not a very musical household. There's a stereo in the living room which can drive a set of speakers in the kitchen, but our schedules mesh so badly that we can never use it. Dan used to play excellent bizarre music in his bedroom, but he's moved out now. And though there are a few CD-playing devices upstairs, it's inconvenient to use them and winds up scattering the CD collection when we do. I do listen to music in the car sometimes, when I remember to bring some with me, but that makes the scattering problem worse. I've been meaning to address this by ripping a bunch of MP3s to disk for upstairs, and burning MP3 CDs for the car (which can play them). But I'd been hindered until recently by a lack of disk space.

Now that I'm actually getting to this, though, I'm psyched to play MP3s on my Palm. The new toy has a built-in SD card slot, so transferring the files should be easy. But I spend over an hour banging on it this morning, getting nowhere -- the laptop just wouldn't recognize the card I put in it. I updated the drivers, and futzed around in the configs, and read a bunch of documentation, before finally realizing that the card I'd inserted was an MMC card, not an SD card, and the laptop wouldn't read it. Silly format-sharing standards.

So now I need an SD card. I was leaning towards getting another card anyway as 32M is a little smaller than most albums. The only question I need to answer is: how big?
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