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my endorsements for tomorrow's Somerville municipal elections:

After reading a bunch of literature I have decided that Joe Curtatone has more well-reasoned positions on the Assembly Square development and has a record of voting sensibly on tax and budget issues. This combined with endorsements from some reasonable people (most notably Scott Harshbarger and Warren Tolman) and the attack ads from LaFuente have convinced me to vote for him.

There are seven candidates for four Alderman-At-Large slots. Elio LoRusso is an antitax demagogue, and Frank Bakey seems not to understand what it is that the city government does. If in fact it didn't do anything he'd have a point but in fact we do a lot of things right, so he lands in the "bad" pile. Bruce Desmond is a tool of the developers and seems to think that football is the cure for all ills. Denise Provost and Bill White get my vote for generally being the source of most of the good ideas in the city over the last few years. I'm also going to vote for Dennis Sullivan and Laurie Foley even though I don't think they'll be very effective, because one of them might come ahead of LoRusso or Bakey but neither is likely to bump Denise Provost or Bill White.
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