phi (totient) wrote,

egyptian pizza

I've become disillusioned with the last restaurant I wrote up (the Cromwell Diner), and wonder if it's really worth writing places up when I've only tried a small part of their menu. But this was so yummy I can't resist.

Egyptian Pizza
9161 Reisterstown Road
Valley Village
Owings Mills, MD
tal: +1 402 902 9020
fax: +1 402 902 9023
su-th 1100-2300
f-sa 1100-2400

These guys swing towards the yuppie end of pizza, with an emphasis on interesting toppings and a relatively thin crust. We had the Sharm El-Sheq, with smoked salmon, boursin, green onion, and caviar. The pizza was long on cheese and short on sauce, which worked well with the salty fish toppings and the sweet notes in the crust. A small fed me and miss_chance well. With two delicious lemonades (with free refills) and a generous tip, the total came to $15.

Besides pizza, they also do a fairly standard middle eastern menu, plus some odd fusion dishes such as fettucine with tandoori chicken.
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