phi (totient) wrote,

legislators' positions on gay marriage

Here is a list of legislators and their positions on the proposed amendment. To clarify, a "No" vote means to allow gay marriages in accordance with the Supreme Judicial Court ruling. I found some folks in "Yes" or "Undecided" who you might want to call:

Vincent P. Ciampa, D-Somerville - Yes
Edward G. Connolly, D-Everett - Yes
Paul J. Donato, D-Medford - Yes
William G. Greene, D-Billerica - Yes
Bradley H. Jones, R-North Reading - Yes
James R. Miceli, D-Wilmington - Yes

Just to name a few whose districts I know include readers of this journal. Some others of you might also want to check the list; this was just a quick once-over. And it's worth calling "No"-leaning folks too, if you think they might change their minds.
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