phi (totient) wrote,

victim of atkins

I was passing through Wellington Circle the other day and stopped in to pick up a dozen glazed donuts. Admired the machine, expecting since the "Hot" light was on once again to be impressed by its McCloskeyesque relentlessness. But no! They had the machine running at half speed. I didn't even know it could do that. The donuts came marching through the wall of glaze three abreast instead of six, and there wasn't a line so much as a small milling-about of a large aimless family, the only other customers in the store.

They say you should "buy what you use", and I regretted not buying Krispy Kreme stock when they first went public. But as soon as they opened the Medford location it wasn't a big deal any more. It was months before I even went into the much-awaited store. Had I owned any stock then it would have been prudent to sell.
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