phi (totient) wrote,

100 miles

On September 18, the Touring Club of New England will present the 51st running of the Annual Grand rally, starting in Milford, MA and ending in Mendon at the Mendon Twin drive-in movie theatre.

I went out a couple of weeks ago with hotpoint in his spiffy new Civic Si and we laid out about half the rally, and also smacked his car into a rock and had a pretty long day exploring roads to figure out some of where the rest of the rally would go. Last weekend I went out and did the rest of it, which went much more smoothly since we'd done the prep work already.

I'd been shooting for a total length of 100 miles and a first car finish at 5 PM. After putting all the bits together in the computer and doing the preliminary mileages and timing, it looks like I've got 99.3 miles and first car finish at 4:59.61. There's still some work to do -- mileaging and checking -- and I'll have to drive the course two more times before it's finished. But it's coming along nicely.
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