phi (totient) wrote,


Tomorrow (Tuesday) is Primary day in Massachusetts. Ordinarily this doesn't amount to much. But this time around it's a very important election. The legislature is closely divided on the proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. And the issue doesn't break down along party lines, so in heavily partisan districts (which is most of them) the primary is often the contested part of the race.

Of particular interest is the 34th Middlesex district, in which many of my readers reside. Openly gay Carl Sciortino is challenging anti-gay-marriage Vincent Ciampa in the Democratic primary, and there is no Republican candidate. If you live in southern Medford or western Somerville, voting in this election is probably more important than voting in November.

Also interesting is the 26th Middlesex, a race between two pro-gay candidates, one a Progressive and one old-guard. Bay Windows published an interesting endorsement of the old-guard candidate and I think I agree.

There are plenty of other contested races out there, and even if you don't live in one this is a good occasion to give money to a worthy candidate.
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