phi (totient) wrote,

six hundred miles

Inspired somewhat by frotz, I want to put on an endurance rally in the late spring of 2006 or 2007. Start is in Gloucester, finish is in Provincetown, and the route goes through all six New England states. Run time is two days, with an overnight in the Berkshires. Hotel rooms, meals, and return to the start by chartered ferry are included in the registration fee. The rally will incorporate features of other New England rallies, so for example it will traverse the longest covered bridge in the US.

Tonight I sketched out a possible rough route for the rally. The original idea was that the route would be 500 miles long, but it's been obvious for a while that I can't pull that off. But looking at the roads, I think I can probably keep the total distance down to 600 miles or so, and not need a third day.
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