phi (totient) wrote,

I don't ordinarily remember my dreams well enough to tell if they're in black and white or color. But every once in a while, I have one which is very vivid, both visually and experientially.

This one was about reading an article in one of miss_chance's trade rags, about colored pencil technique. Only the article wasn't about that at all. Instead, it was about the making of the cover illustration for the article, taking an image from concept to execution through a seriously circuitous but always forward-progressing process, switching media at every turn, explaining the inspiration for the artistic choices (one of them was telepathically induced by the author's cat), with the image shown at each intermediate step, starting with the colored-pencil line drawing of a bunch of colored pencils, through the photographs and oil paintings and computer renderings, showing the additional elements being added and dropped and finally synthesized together, and winding up with the actual cover piece of the magazine which incorporated all of the techniques and elements into something greater than the sum of its parts. What was so amazing about the article, though, was that it showed how to shepherd to conclusion a completely unpredictable process without destroying any of the spontaneity. Now if only I could remember enough of it to express how that was done...
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