phi (totient) wrote,

Blew off Vericon this weekend, for all the same reasons that I haven't posted here in a month: Arisia has eaten my brain. Did you know that we had *eight* different schedule documents this year? The regular pocket program (available in two forms, PDF and paper, which I am only counting as one document), the Braille pocket program, the large print pocket program, another less successful large print pocket program that someone else did on the quick because they were rightly not sure that the proper one would actually get done, the Grid, the Palm schedule that was done properly from source data, another Palm schedule that someone else did from PDF of the pocket program, and a super secret one-off one that you'll have to ask miss_chance about. By the time all those were taken care of it was Friday morning and I was switching into schmooze-people-for-next-year mode, which mode I'm still in. Every time a detail for '06 falls into place I get this little rush; like the Mini-Arisia it's going to be lots of fun and I'm sure I'll be flying for the whole thing.
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