phi (totient) wrote,

looking forward

My post-Arisia flurry of email and IRC traffic has finally subsided, and the new website is up. I have a transitional org chart with about two dozen filled positions on it, though there are still some vacancies I need to fill soon. The arrangements for John Howe (or more accurately, for his wife, who is an Iranian citizen) are going to be the long pole in the tent, so it's time for me to confirm my GoH liaison and supply him with a good volunteer to handle the INS. Everything else can wait until the debrief on the 13th.

By the end of the month I'm hoping to have eight of my eventual nine or ten black-ribbon positions filled, so they can participate in budgeting. The other black-ribbon positions will be the A07 con chair (who won't be appointed yet) and my Ops division head (whose budget is fairly uncontroversial). Those might turn out to be the same person, depending on who runs for con chair for '07. I could make do without having my Programming division head participate in budgeting either, except that my choice for Programming will probably affect my choices for other divisions with more complex budgeting issues.
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