phi (totient) wrote,

a small obsession

Over the past year Arisia has had a succession of themed parties. Besides the "Mini" themed Worldcon party, we had an m+m mandala at Balticon, and an Oreo party at Lunacon. Some of these themes are repeats from a decade ago (they mostly don't stand repeating more often than that), some are new, and there will be some new themes over the next year. But I'm also thinking about how to improve and combine them. And to that end I've been collecting mini m+ms.

Now while regular m+ms are available in 21 individual colors on the web, mini m+ms are only available in bags of the traditional 5 colors. Except when they're not. So I got some black and while mini m+ms when they were doing the "where are our colors" thing. And I got some Sinbad promotional m+ms, and some Shrek promotional m+ms. Including the ordinary colors, I now have at least small quantities of 14 of the 21 possible colors, plus two impossible colors. And I'm keeping my eye out for new m+m promotions or holiday events.
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