phi (totient) wrote,

Six hours of fieldwork for Essex Ramble V today. The start/end locations I have in mind will work OK, and there are lots and lots of backup locations nearby. Found some really good roads I hadn't used before, and pulled some folks in an SUV out of a snowbank. They seemed grateful, and I was happy to have an excuse to use the tow strap that wasn't me being stuck in a snowbank. No new unpaved, but the Cutler Road bridge is done so I can (and will) use that.

All these years, Essex was just screaming to be a Monte and I never noticed. It will be so much better this way.

I've also put in several hours of what might be computer work for Essex, except that I'd have done it anyway. Version 3.4 of the Topo! browser is so much nicer than version 2.7 that it's not even funny. Too bad the data sets are incompatible.
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