phi (totient) wrote,

Arisia presence at Boskone

Got some mail today from Geri Sullivan, on the Boskone committee:

Gay Ellen Dennett and I are running "Saturday Night Dead" at Boskone. It's a "when weirds collide" kind of thing, with the weirds in this case being Mardi Gras, Vampires, and a taste of N4's First Night. There's a games area open from 8:30-10pm Saturday, and we'd love for Arisia folks to help by running one of the tables/activities.

The possibilities still open are:
  • Graveyard ring toss (toss glow-stick rings over crosses stuck into graves) -- plan is to make an ensmalled graveyard by puting down tarps, fake grass, and mounds of dirt for the graves.
  • Ducks'n'devils -- duck pond game with duckies and devil duckies
  • Pin the tail on the werewolf

Or, you'd be welcome to suggest/bring a game of your own. The other
activities we expect to have are:
  • Cheeblemancy (Esther Friesner's twist on fortune-telling, IIUC)
  • Blackjack
  • Kabinki (dice game)
  • Costuming (kid-oriented w/voodoo wands, crowns, and more)
  • Face painting
  • King of the Dead contest
  • Fannish Tarot readings, using the fan tarot deck

We have generic Mardi Gras beads to give to everyone, and special strands to use as prizes. We also have a few other prizes, most notably a bunch of glass beakers.

What sounds good to you?

Now I'm also very interested in running an Arisia party on Saturday night, immediately following this event, and I don't want to burn people up. But it's an interesting thought. Anyone have any ideas?
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