phi (totient) wrote,

rally to-do list

Confirm last changes to NRIs and generals with prechecker.
Write pickup points document
Write large-format control crew scoring form document.
Write mail merge version of entrant envelope document.
Write trophy label document.
Finish writing control crew instructions, including checkpoint equipment utilization analysis.

Print out and collate competitor RIs.
Print out and collate worker RIs.
Print out and collate generals.
Print out and photocopy generic police letter, pickup points, flyers for other rallies, control scoring forms, control crew instruction.
Assemble entrant packets.
EDIT: Print out control-specific police letters.
Assemble control crew packets.
EDIT: add maps to control crew packets
EDIT: recheck control crew instructions for typos

Print out control sign stickers.
Print out start signage.
Print out landmark sticker for NRI 134.
Print out emergency signs.

punt: build control clock extension cables.

Pick up trophies.
Cut new trophy pillar material to length.

delegate at end location: Reassemble trophies.
delegate at end location: Label trophies.
EDIT: burn TSD Lite CDs for class winners

EDIT: Reconfirm end location.
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