phi (totient) wrote,

Done today:
  • remove front brake (destructively)
  • clean frame and fork
  • repack headset, despite pitted cups (I got away with this one)
  • repack bottom bracket, despite pitted cups (I didn't get away with this one)
  • acquire new bottom bracket, derailleur pulleys, and miscellaneous cabling
  • replace bottom bracket
  • clean and lubricate front derailleur
  • disassemble, clean, and lubricate rear derailleur
  • install rear derailleur cable
To do tomorrow (or maybe Wednesday):
  • acquire correct new derailleur pulleys (or possibly entire new rear derailleur)
  • reassemble rear derailleur
  • fiddle with rear derailleur until it will retract fully
  • reinstall handlebars
  • install new front brake
  • install and adjust new brake levers and cables
  • tape handlebars
  • clean and reinstall right crank
  • install new left crank (thanks, Kit!)
  • reinstall left pedal
  • repack wheel bearings, if necessary (I hope not)
  • clean, true, and attach wheels
  • install new chain
  • adjust derailleur stops
  • install fender (or rear rack, if fender is unsuitable)
  • clean and reinstall headlight
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