phi (totient) wrote,

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2. Pass it on.

1.~How did you meet blackanvil? At a con around 1992 -- perhaps Baitcon III or IV?
2.~Would or did c1 and colinmac go out? Sadly, they're both straight.
3.~Would nixsis and jajc make a good couple? You know, I think they would.
4.~What would you do if ctate just professed their undying love for you? Ask him to prove it by baking me a cheesecake. (which might be effective at getting me to respond in kind)
5.~Who is infinitehotel going out with? istemi and miss_chance
6.~Is chanaleh a boy or a girl? Definitely a girl.
7.~When was the last time you talked to foms? Two or three weeks ago, at Baitcon XVII.
8.~Would you ever date gregsbear? I don't think "date" is the word you are looking for here.
9.~What is dbang's fantasy? To get a cogent response to her online personal ad.
10.~Are macgyvette and gregsbear best friends? I don't think they've ever met.
11.~Does sebastian_tombs like foms? I don't think they've met, either.
12.~Is kirkcudbright the sexiest person alive? No, but only because of the existence of Jodie Foster.
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