phi (totient) wrote,

twenty things

  1. Wow, is it a relief now that the Arisia panic of the last two weeks is over.
  2. Maybe too much of a relief: there are lots of other things I was deferring until the end of that panic, and none of them are registering in the top ten things I'm psyched to do today.
  3. I love that first hour between getting up and eating breakfast. It's one of my most productive hours of the day, or if I'm not using it for being productive it at least launches me quickly into whatever I'm doing.
  4. This does not make me a morning person. I'm still in that first hour, and it's well after noon.
  5. But the hour is nearly over, and it's time to make pancakes.
  6. Which means it's time to go get milk.
  7. Haven't I made an LJ post like this before?
  8. I'll just have to read my entire LJ history looking for it.
  9. (hours later) Man, modern Palm apps sure need a whole lot of different icons. I'm getting to know Photoshop awfully well given that my primary mode of geekery isn't visual.
  10. That's funny, given that I'm awfully visual in general.
  11. (yet more hours later) Is there a 14th-inning stretch for games that go that long? The 7th inning was a long, long time ago by the time tonight's 18-inning Astros-Braves game was over.
  12. So far the better team has won each of the Division Series.
  13. I don't usually like watching TV. But I'm psyched about the Lost DVDs that miss_chance and I are going through. I don't think the difference is the lack of commercials (though that's nice). I think the difference is the lack of a laugh track.
  14. Why do I charge money for my Palm software? It's not like it's a significant amount of money. Maybe I'm looking for validation: someone likes my program enough to pay $20 for it. Or, I suspect, they like the program I give away for free enough that they want to give me $20 and buying the non-free one is the way to do that. Maybe I should go to a shareware model for that one. I do like having free software out there, though; it makes me feel better about using free software from other people. Hmm.
  15. I'm definitely looking for validation when I write LJ entries. Which is probably why I agonize over them, which in turn is why I post so seldom.
  16. Fresh, hot cinnamon bread! I love living with housemates for a million reasons, but right now the easiest way to my heart is the old standby.
  17. Long weekends are a good thing, but they're not infinite.
  18. Laundry is, however, infinite.
  19. I was going to clean off my desk today, and instead I played with projects on my computer. That was all well and good, but my computer projects are starting to bump up against my desk not being clean.
  20. It's not even that my desk is all that messy right now. But horizontal surfaces accumulate things until they are full. Maybe a smaller desk would be better.

This meme is supposed to conclude with me tagging some people and telling them what to do. No, thanks: the meme should be obvious, and you can do with it what you will.
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