phi (totient) wrote,


Inspired by hotpoint, who shares some of my guilty pleasures: it's not so much that I collect things, as that I accrete them. I bring things home and then notice that a lot of them are similar. The next time I organize I put all the similar things together. And lo, now there is a place for things that are similar to those, and so there they all go when they might otherwise be discarded.

I recently gave my hard key accretion to cogitationitis. Anyone want a hotel key accretion? I have enough of them to make clothing out of, but let's face it, I'm never really going to make a copier. I'm also thinking of focusing some of my other accretions some.

I don't mean to imply that these accretions are a bad thing, necessarily; some of them have come in handy. And it may be that I'm willing to become a community repository for certain kinds of resources...
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