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Usually around this time of year this journal is full of well-thought-out endorsements of Massachusetts primary election candidates up and down the ticket. This time, I haven't had a chance to do that research, and while I had a pretty good idea what I was doing at the top of the ticket, I found myself looking for endorsements from people I respect for the Lt. Governor's race in particular. Those endorsements might be from people I know and respect personally, or they might be from the politicians whose voting records I most agree with. Denise Provost falls into both categories, and today I got this message from her:

Dear Friends,

Andrea Silbert is a Democratic Candidate for Lieutenant Governor, and I’m committed to helping her win her Primary on September 19th. If you are a registered Democrat or Independent in Massachusetts, I urge you to please join me and Vote for Andrea on September 19th.

Andrea is the kind of real-world, smart, committed, and authentic person I’d like to see more of in public serve. She is an expert in economic development and job creation, having worked at the grassroots level in Latin America and here in our state as the co-founder of the Center for Women & Enterprise. Andrea is a committed environmentalist, and as a middle-class working parent, she understands the challenges most families in Massachusetts face today.

There’s more on Andrea below. Please also take a minute to view her background and impressive convention video online at

Seeing is believing! Andrea Silbert has what it takes to make a great partner to our next Governor and help bring true leadership back to the State House.

Please remember to Vote for Andrea Silbert on September 19th, and please help me step up the visibility, name recognition and buzz for Andrea by forwarding this email along and encouraging your friends & family to vote for her too!

Many thanks,

Denise Provost

PS - To confirm your voting location visit:

A true leader

Andrea Silbert knows that jobs create revenue, which fuels the economy of the Commonwealth. Andrea Silbert co-founded the Center for Women & Enterprise (CWE). She and her team at CWE helped create 14,000 jobs that generate $400 million in wages each year. Eileen McNamara, of The Boston Globe, said, “Andrea Silbert has actually delivered on the perennial promise of the politician to create jobs.”

Andrea supports a broad range of policy areas (visit, but she knows that job creation grows the economy to get more money back to our schools, to protect the environment, and to fund health care, housing, and transportation. “Andrea gets an A for energy, ideas.” (Wayne Woodlief, Boston Herald, August 25, 2006)

Former Attorney General Scott Harshbarger believes that “Andrea’s proven record of economic development makes her the best candidate to lead our state and serve as Lieutenant Governor.” “Andrea Silbert,” he said “understands that economic development not only creates jobs and opportunity for financial stability for members of the community, but also empowers its people, and can play a key role in reducing problems like urban violence by giving youth and others hope and a stake in our community.”

Pittsfield Mayor James M. Ruberto said he endorsed Andrea Silbert because “she speaks to the major need of the Commonwealth, and that is economic development. Job creation is the answer.” (Berkshire Eagle, August 16, 2006)

“My family lives the life of so many middle-class families in Massachusetts,” says Andrea Silbert. She is a working mom with three kids depending on public schools. She and her husband buy their own health insurance, which costs too much and covers little. “We ought to have a voice in the State House.”


FORWARD this e-mail to 10 or more friends today. Please delete the FW in the subject line to help ensure that it’s read. Feel free to add a personal message about why you back Andrea, and ask for your friends’ support.

JOIN our e-mail team. Agree to forward two other messages to your friends and family before the election. Send your e-mail address to to sign up.

VOTE in the Democratic primary election on Tuesday, September 19th.

Committee to Elect Andrea Silbert
67 Coddington Street; LL4
Quincy, MA 02169
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