phi (totient) wrote,

connecticut country roads

Yesterday I drove down to Naugatuck to do the precheck of next Saturday's Connecticut Country Roads trap rally. The rally is well put-together: a good alternation between thinky bits, fun driving bits, and transits where you have a chance to catch your breath. There are a couple of new (or anyway, not frequently used in New England) concepts to give you something to think about at every intersection, but none of the wacky instruction overload or obscure definitions or other brain-hurting stuff you see on National trap rallies -- I think anyone who could figure out what was going on at a TCNE trap rally (this means you guys, rmd and clauclauclaudia) should have no problem following the course. At 170 miles it felt like there was enough rally there to justify the 2-hour drive down. The roads were beautiful. And I had a total blast.
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