phi (totient) wrote,

chutes and ladders

ladder: got a good amount of sleep last night
chute: getting out of the house was slow because of shoveling
ladder: even doing Ann's walk too it's only 80 feet
chute: commute this morning was sloppy; no one seemed to be able to get any traction and traffic was very heavy
ladder: on a bike I could mostly zip by it, and I brought dry pants with me
chute: no information from $coworker on the schema change we're working on
ladder: that gives me time to work on the critical bug that's on my plate
ladder: finding bugs here is like shooting fish in a barrel
chute: I'm fixing a lot of unrelated bugs along the way
chute: Emma's is closed today
ladder: It's gross out anyway
ladder: There's leftover food in the fridge

We'll see how it goes this afternoon, but I think I've got a reasonable shot at finding the bottom of this particular barrel.
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