phi (totient) wrote,

more answers

rmd  is both the first person to come up with the answer I was looking for (it's one of the two shuttle transporters) and the only person so far to attempt to answer which one it is. I think she's right that it is N905NA and not N911NA, but I don't have a good date for when the Google Maps photo was taken, so it's hard to be sure.

Wikipedia, by the way, thinks that N905NA lives here. It's just barely possible to tell that that particular 747 is the other transporter. But the person who put that information in Wikipedia has pages of chiding for rash edits in their user talk, and their bio currently reads, typos and all, "$username better get their facts right before they deside to writ anything publicly...". So I think that the 747 at the other site is N911NA.
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