phi (totient) wrote,

a full day

Got up in leisurely fashion and watched a bit of the Tour de France prologue while drinking my coffee and getting ready to head out the door. Got in the car just as Car Talk was starting, got a bagel, stopped in to say hi to roozle, and made it out to Readercon almost but not quite in time to catch infinitehotel's reading. Did manage to make it to three or four hours of very shiny programming and take lots of notes to stuff into Arisia's brainstorm process. Interestingly for such a book-oriented con most of my notes were about media. Hooked up with Rene and passed off a bunch of party supplies and then headed back in to town for a lovely dinner with miss_chance and some time with her in the early evening before hopping in the car and listening to the seventh and eighth innings of the Sox-Tigers game on the way to deguspice's party. Spent a lovely hour or two there and then listened to the twelfth and thirteenth innings on the way back to Readercon to spend a bit of time at the Montreal party. That seemed to be going pretty well and was a good enough time that I never made it to the Boskone party that I'd meant to at least stop in at.

This is my favorite kind of full day: lots of variety and no pressure.
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